Thursday, August 11, 2011

Productivity and Vine-caretaking

Next Step #166: Exploring further the Mother of God as an expression of connecting to the TRUE vine - John 15 - Productivity by staying connected to the Vine and yielding the Fruit of Love (Finally! Grapeblessing explained). Armodoxy and St. Mary - Bringing women's issues in forum. Archbishop Barkev's Answer: A Koan from Karabakh? Four sisters, Marie, Lusaper, Srpuhi and Diruhi pointing to the Blessed Virgin.  The Institution and the Message - Insuring connections to the Vine.
Petros Malakyan taking Indiana students to Armenia:
Catholicos Karekin I's statement on women (1995, Beijing):
Song by Eric Clapton & Pavarotti  "Holy Mother"
Ani's Bubbles "Man from Ick"
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