Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Even Eclipsed Light Overtakes Darkness

Life throught the lens of ancient Armenian Orthodoxy - this week: Gabriel Stauring in Darfur, Light and Darkness, the Total Eclipse of the Sun, Eulogy for Fr. Oshagan Minassian.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Turning Dreams to Reality

The Next Step with Fr. Vazken - #6 - July 23, 2008
Inspired by the moon landing 39 years ago this week, Fr. Vazken talks about dreaming and turning them into reality. Is it as easy as waking up?
Darfur update - Bashir defies the world community.
Interview with Gor Mkhitarian who discusses his music and spirituality.
World premiere of the song "Miracles" - part of an album of spiritual music to debut in December 2008. "Miracles" is Gor's latest creation. Gor continues to discuss about prayer and his song, "About God."

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Impulse Buying of Love

Next Step Podcast Episode #5 - July 16, 2008.
When Peter accepts Jesus invitation to be a fisher of people (Matthew 4), he and his brother Andrew are impulse buyers of Love. Its another example for us to not restrict our ability to love.
Included in this podcast is an interview with St. Nersess seminarian, Deacon Ryan Tellalian, who speaks about service and the St. Nersess experience. Featured song: The Fishermen of Sevan performed by oud virtuoso John Bilezikjian.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Repent or Perish

Pain and suffering is experienced on different scales, whether on a grand scale as when natural disasters strike, or as experienced on the personal or individual level. Is this because the sins of some are greater or worse than others? The answer is found in Luke 13. In the Gospel, Jesus says NO! But He tells us that we must repent. To repent is to redirect our outlook, our attitude. What makes this possible? Where does Einstein’s belief in an expanding universe fit into this? Is God moving the bishop on the chessboard of life? Tune in to this next installment to find out!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Freedom to Create Through Love

Independence Day is a fitting time to look at our freedoms through the lens of Armenian Orthodoxy. What has been the strength of the Armenian people to survive? Where does this spirituality come from? Christ releases us of our bonds and gives us the true freedom – His Love. God has given us the most beautiful gift, the ability to create by tapping into the power of love. In this podcast Fr. Vazken explores the ideas of freedom, independence, and creativity.