Thursday, March 29, 2012

Remember 'Current Events'? Did the Church forget?

Next Step #199: Revisiting the disenfranchised community (and we're NOT talking about those who don't attend church.) Targeting Armodoxy to the "three groups." The Church and its relevancy to the multitalented/multidimensional individual. HH Vazken I of Blessed Memory (1955-1994), guiding the Armenian Church from Cold War to Independence: the Working of the Holy Spirit; Remembering the "Thief on the Cross" and then remembering ourselves. The "Opportunity Clause" used by Christians to rationalize a loving and damning God. The Basis of the Second Coming of Christ - looking at the Bottom Line of the Christian Message. A quick look at newspapers and a prelude to the "Virtual Armenia."
Song: "Nayatz Sirov" by the Seminarians of the Vazkenian Seminary, Lake Sevan, Armenia 
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Fr. Vazken at the statue of HH Vazken I at the Seminary in his name, Lake Sevan, Armenia

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Cross of Gold

Next Step #198: EXCLUSIVE: Reflections on the Passing of HH Pope Shenouda III, connecting with the Middle East and Armenians by Harry Hagopian. On the positive side of Lent - the power of Prayer, as expressed in physics and singularity. Black Hole Events to Killing Cancer. A first look at Holy Week with more to come...
Ani's Bubbles: Animal Crackers
Song: Cross of Gold by Darrell Grant on "Truth & Reconciliation"
Pope Shenouda's passing:
Pope Shenouda Tribute:
Harry Hagopian on the Pope:
Armenian Miuron/Coptic church:
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Thursday, March 15, 2012

The Crystal Within

Next Step #197:  An interview with Linda Maxwell, co-founder of We Care for Youth and from Bliss Unlimited. Linda has spent her life inspiring and motivating people, primarily young people, in a path of responsibility and action, all motivated by her deep seated belief and faith in the good. Listen in on this conversation about meaning and purpose, as Linda discusses her recent retreat in India as well as her life and her work. This is a coffee-break within a coffee-break.
Part 1 of this Conversation - Next Step #168 
Song: "Distant Lands" by Armen Chakmakian
We Care for Youth:
Bliss Unlimited
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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Standing between Two Worlds

Next Step #196:  The true story of the Sun and the Moon is offered on this day of the full moon and solar flares. The story of the Dishonest Steward (Luke 16) sets the tone for a discussion of straddling two worlds - the physical and the spiritual, as Fr. Vazken opens a personal vortex into his ministry. This is a brief look at his own Lenten reflection and introspection. Loneliness and Joni Mitchell's concert?
Song: Dele Yaman from the Raven CD
I Confess with Faith:
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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Transforming the Heresy Card beyond P-C-O

Next Step #195: The day after Leap Day, we're syncing with the universe. The transforming power of Christ during the Lenten Season. A chance to reflect on the power of Abp. Vatche's Interview. Are Armenians Orthodox - on the heresy card, played by Orthodox, Catholics and Protestants. An inward look at the sin of the Church in reference to homosexuality. Digitizing LP's, Davey Jones' (Monkees) passing.
Song: Kapama by the Armenian Song & Dance Ensemble
Ani's Bubbles: "Great Love"
Archbishop Vatche Hovsepian Interview on Compass #20
Links from Harry Hagopian - Human Beings & Ultimate Origins
Panorthodoxy in America:
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