Thursday, June 24, 2010

Identity via Something Bigger than Self

Next Step #107: Remember when “Rolling Stone” was counter-culture and war was unpopular? Developing identity in a changing world – (see The Atlantic Magazine article). The World Cup, Wimbledon and the Lakers – lessons on bringing peace and love to Kyrgyzstan and Darfur and rejecting bad-religion. Thoughts from inside the funeral procession: continuing to build the Virtual Church.
Song: “Shalakho” by Datevik
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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Wine, Bubble Gum and Vuvuzela!

Next Step #106: Year 3 of the Next Step is kicked off with a discussion of the Jesus' pearl metaphor.  Armodoxy is a break from Bubble Gum religion – once you find the Kingdom of God, it doesn’t lose its flavor, nor can you spit it out. Drinking sweet wine is OK, but a Merlot is a more realistic flavor of life. Jesus instructs to live by a standard of “mercy, not sacrifice” (Matthew 12) it's so hard when distracted by vuvuzelas and Steve Jobs' technology for yesterday.
A lesson from the “Man from Ick
Song: "Victory" by Gor Mkhirtaryan Purchase SPIRIT Album
Ani’s Bubbles: Graduation Blessing
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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Etchmiadzin is a Dream

Next Step #105: Skip the Geography lesson. Don’t stress the History lesson. The Feast of Etchmiadzin is about making dreams come true. What is your vision for life? Here's a step-by-step approach to making dreams come true by dreaming faith, hope and love. Rising from the pit of life, or is that the Diocese partying on Ascension day? Letters from listeners expose hints at Armodoxy and In His Shoes.  Celebrating 2 years and running – join the celebration, you’re invited!
Music: "Etchmiadzin" by Seminarians of Vazkenian Seminary at Lake Sevan;
Ani's Bubbles: "Somebody to Love";
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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Prejudice Caterpillars Miss the Perfect Game

Next Step #104: The missed perfect game - can the Commission do the same for the church? Desecration of the land – the oil spills from Ararat to the Gulf. A look at prejudice - Stepan Partamian's visit to the church, prejudging Christianity, and an honest look beyond the outward. Ready for another Armodoxy Axiom? The Chosen people are the ones who choose God. It's all in this episode.
Song: "Komitas" by Bambir on the Quake Album;
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