Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Dreaming Fathers for Peace

Next Step #55: Fathers Dreaming of Peace – A look at Fatherhood through St. Joseph’s lens. In this podcast, Fr. Vazken explores parenting by looking at an individual’s relationship with God – in our ability to dream of the impossible and allow others to do the same. What happens when Jon leaves Kate? And what about the eight? You’ll find this podcast with a formula for real peace, whether in your life or in our world. Darfuri children make a phone call to President Obama – are you listening Mr. Obama?
Music: Our Father from the Focused Vision CD. And preview of a new theme song? (You’ll have to listen for this one.)
Ani with her Bubbles and much more.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Hripsime & Gayane in Iran and Korea

Next Step #54: If words turn into wars then simple acts of understanding and respect can turn into peace. With saber-rattling in Korea and political unrest in Iran, fear takes away thoughts of peace. But if peace is the ultimate equilibrium point, how is it achieved? In my life? On earth? In this podcast Fr. Vazken takes a look at two pioneering women of the early church, St. Hripsime and St. Gayane. Unwilling to compromise their principles, they made a difference in the life and quality of that life for generations to come. The H&G story is the prelude to “Etchmiadzin” – the place where Christ descends. In this podcast Fr. Vazken also challenges the listener to place respect as a condition and foundation to love through the “in his shoes” philosophy. News items: Iran, Korea, Holocaust Museum, KFI and Armenian bashing. It's all here.
Bubbles from Ani: the Philosophy of Peanuts
Music: Katmandu by Cat Stevens

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

A Look Back at Year One

Next Step #53: Wrapping up the first year of the Next Step Podcast, Fr. Vazken gives a moving account of a young cancer victim and the “Last Temptation of Christ.” What are the real questions that need to be asked? A look back on the year – from Darfur, to Obama, to new spiritual music, to messages of hope – Year ONE of the Next Step is only a step to year TWO coming up.
Guest William Archila reads from “The Art of Exile”
Music – John Bilezikjian rendition of Malanguena from the Neo Classical Oud album.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

No Spirit in Exile

Next Step #52: Focus on the spirit this Pentecost, while the Spirit allows us to focus on life and love. A powerful message of finding the tie that binds all of our dreams and hopes. It’s the power of the Holy Spirit and it's unleashed when body, soul and mind work together. Unity of spirit is a chance to bring senses and extra-sensory experiences together to form our understanding of life. A bit esoteric, but Fr. Vazken goes through the steps with the listener.
Guest: William Archila discusses his new book “The Art of Exile” and offers a few readings bringing the flavor of El Salvador to this week’s podcast.
Music: Hover “The Spirit of God” and John Coltrane “Out of this world”