Thursday, April 28, 2011

Post Easter Victory for Victims

Next Step #151: Easter celebrations are over, Genocide commemorations have stopped, but the real work of In His Shoes continues in highlighting Resurrection over Crucifixion. Recap and commentary on the Fast for Darfur. Defining the Church as the Sacred Body of Christ, and the overwhelming power of national aspirations. And in the world… Prince William gets married, Obama proves he’s a citizen and Superman denounces his US Citizenship.
Music by Steve Hampar
Ani's Bubble - Angel Made Quilt.
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Thursday, April 21, 2011

And the Two Shall Meet

Next Step #150: An Easter Special in complete Armodox Tradition. Life over death, love over hatred, light over darkness, good over evil, Govya Yerousaghem over Ee Verin. April 24 is transformed by the unfailing words of Rev. 21:4 - a day when there will be no more tears. The Power within us. In His Shoes at this junction. Putting on the sandles of Christ; Taking up Christ’s Cross OR Taking Christ up to the Cross?
Join us for Easter Morning Sunrise Service:
Ani's Bubbles - Seeker of Truth
Songs - Govya Yerousaghem by Vazkenian Seminarians at Lake Sevan
Oor es Mayr Eem by Lousine Zakarian
Beautiful Boy by John Lennon
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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Working Class Weapons

Next Step #149: Preparing for the meeting of Light & Darkness – Easter and Armenian Genocide Commemoration – a year in the planning via In His Shoes. Jesus was open to the possibility of learning and the "working class hero" opens our minds. Church/Priest being accessible. Finding a weapon of choice – especially when weapons are the only means of salvation! Here is the Armodox answer to violence – peace is promised and also attainable. Borrowing from our children – what world are we leaving them with? Family life – do you really want others to pray for you? Jerusalem (Govya Yerousaghem) is for victors, the Eternal Jerusalem (Ee Verin Yerousaghem) is consolation for the victims.
Song - Shoghaker Ensemble "Tamir Agha Bar";
Working Class Hero – John Lennon & Angeghdz Zinvor – Hovhaness Badalian;
Ani's Bubble - Teachers' I Cor 13 translation
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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Born Again to the End Times

Next Step #148: Back from Phoenix through the Arizona/California desert, in time for the Sunday of Advent. Earthquakes, upheaval in the Middle East, Economy – what does it all mean? The “Signs of the Times?” A look at Scripture for answers – exploring Mark 13, Matthew 25 & Matthew 22. Whether you’re “Born Again” or waiting for the Rapture – you will be able to put together the pieces and find out the best way to wait / prepare for end times – A True Orthodox perspective – Armodoxy for us all. Specialists for everything but religion. Another revelation: Believe it or not, patience is not one of Fr. Vazken’s virtues (really?); April 24 – Easter Sunday and the FAST for DARFUR – Transforming Victims to Victors in Christ!
Check out: Dr. Harry Hagopian - consultant to the Catholic Bishops' Conference of England and Wales on the Middle East
Ani's Bubbles: Helping Hands
Music: Rouben Hakhverdian "Im Spitak Aghavnie"
Produced by Suzie Shatarevyan for
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