Thursday, June 30, 2011

Duduks, Art and the Artist: A Spiritual Journey

Next Step #160: An Interview with Gregory Beylerian – Here is a dialogue that opens the heart and mind to the resonating meditative tone that leads the spiritual quest. In this candid conversation between artist Gregory Beylerian and Fr. Vazken the breathing is circular and the topics are flowing. From the duduk to “letting go,” from Kung Fu to iPhones, this conversation is about awareness and finding the outside parameters imposed by life. This focus takes you to a point where evolution and creation coexist on the same platform.  Also – Fr. Vazken gives a prelude to a discussion on miracles (to be continued next week) – actualizing dreams means you have to wake up!
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Gregory Beylerian:;
“Rise” Artwork: Available for purchase
Drum Circle:
New YouTube Channel of Fr. Vazken’s “In Step w/Christ” videos:
Song of the Day: “Armenian Girls Dance” by Yeghish Manoukian, “Echo of the Mountains”
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Fr. Vazken interviewing Gregory Beylerian

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Resonating to Turn Condemnation to Salvation

Next Step #159: The power that resides in each of us, is also part and fabric of the universe, it resides outside of us. Belief and faith means going beyond the ordinary and the expected. Armodoxy is the path that challenges us to find harmony within ourselves and without – seeking the impossible and resonating with the harmonics that otherwise don’t exist. Tapping into the Jesus principle of Resurrection. “Praying Solves all of my Problems.” – Pope Kirollos.  The “loaded” prayer of Christ. Only Christ can change the ugliness of condemnation and death to the beauty of salvation and life.  Using examples from his recent experiences with health issues, Fr. Vazken talks about the power to overcome evil, cancer, and darkness in the Armodox tradition. Armodoxy’s raison d'etre and Etchmiadzin as mission.
Music: Bazzini's "La Ronde des Lutins';
Opening: Arax “Vaspouragan”
Lucine Zakarian “Xorhurt Xorin”
Ani's Bubbles: Keep Hope Alive (Believing in Magic)
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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Live from the Lounge: 4th Anniversary

Next Step #158: The Fourth Anniversary of the Next Step is celebrated “Live at the Lounge” with an open microphone on Suzie, Ani and Ken. Fr. Vazken shares thoughts about technology and ministry in this special edition. Closing thoughts – Fr. Vazken gets personal with thoughts on thanksgiving, humility and true healing. "Ours is not to add days to life, but life to days." - Dr. M. Garabedian. This is a prelude to the “Next Steps” to come.
Ani’s blog on Scrubs Magazine
"Evangelizing the Digital Continent" - Archbishop José H. Gomez, The Tidings Magazine
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Thursday, June 9, 2011

God’s Concert at the Pops

Next Step #157: Finishing off Year #3 of the Next Step – a look at the “pop theology” in Armodoxy. Twitter’s 140 characters opens an opportunity for articulation; God's Concert is orchestrated when He’s in charge; Patience.
Geronimo Pratt passes – lessons from the Black Panther leader
Armenios de Córdoba por Darfur:
Music by Gor Mkhitarian "Or" - Purchase SPIRIT Album
Ani's Graduation:
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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Ascension (Hampartzoum) Offensive

Next Step #156: Forty days after Easter - it's the feast of Ascension (Hampartzoum). Drop the superstitions and get into gear – a look at Matthew 28:16-20 as a message for then and now. Fr. Vazken looks for inclusion in the 1933 King Kong tribe and the chorus of Anush Opera. Meanwhile – avoid those virgin martinis by taking the Christian Offensive and stopping the numbskulledness.
Music "Miteh" by Shiraz
Hele Hele” by Richard Hagopian
“Anush Opera” by Spenderian/Toumanian
Ani's Bubble - The price of a child
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