Thursday, October 29, 2009

Hallowed Saints: Under the Masks

Next Step #73: Halloween through the lens of Armenian Orthodoxy, as a challenge to find the saints around us - living with them as they live within us. Under the masks, there's a self that waits (and needs) to be discovered. A podcast filled with Tricks and Treats.
Song: Gomidas' Pontifical Wish on 10th Anniversary of Enthronement of HH Karekin II
Ani's Bubbles: Father and Son
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Friday, October 23, 2009

Quakes in the Twilight

Next Step #72: While getting ready to upgrade to Windows 7 an earthquake and a trip to another dimension divert our attention to better things - mostly of the resurrection kind. Loma Prieta 20 years later; Rod Sterling 50 years later - reflections on the need to look beyond our sufferings and the importance of imagination. Ken's in trouble this time.
Bubbles by Ani: Butterfly
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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

A Mission Statement to Love With

Next Step #71: Reflections from a clergy conference: New issues for a new day - artificial insemination is only the beginning. More on same sex marriages. The ordination of a priest and remembering the heretics. Before you look for the Unified Field Theory, try to find the Mission Statement of the Church; a look at Luke 4 and adopting Jesus' mission statement as our own. Who are the blind and the poor? Is the answer a pleasant surprise?
Ani's Bubble's: A Special Teacher;
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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Exercising Exorcism “as viewed through the lens of Armenian Orthodoxy”

Next Step #70: It’s not all about head-spins and vomit, as Fr. Vazken follows up on last week’s report of exorcism. The nature/nurture argument in defining evil and the devil. Where are balances of good and evil in our lives. Bulletin from the Vatican about New Media in the church. A look at spirituality in the world and rising trends. Some personal thoughts on post-Genocide walking in the shoes of others.
Ani's Bubbles: Sand and Stone
Song of the Day: Shogher Jan performed by Gor Mkhitarian written by Gomidas Vartabed and celebrating the 140th Anniversary of the monk’s birth
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