Thursday, August 25, 2011

Caring for Youth: Getting Real

Next Step #168: Interview with Linda Maxwell, co-founder of We Care for Youth and facilitator for In His Shoes Ministries. Caring for youth is a calling for Linda Maxwell. She does so with love, care and compassion. Here she discusses her work with kids, and the power of the spirit in bringing about change. She discusses her latest project  - a Day of Remembrance on the 10th Anniversary of 9/11. The "Raul Aguirre Story," - a young man slain on the streets of Glendale and the power of forgiveness in the healing progress (see -  Candid discussion about the spiritual dimension of youth care - a must-hear for anyone concerned or working with youth. Also - reflections on news of Steve Jobs leaving Apple Computer; Earthquakes and Hurricanes - take it easy! Newsweek says NO - what about you? Promo for "Compass" - coming this Fall on
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Thursday, August 18, 2011

A Hug to the Message

Next Step #167: Hug from the lady who lost Max and the importance of human touch. Science & religion met at the grape blessing as they do in all things Christ-centered. The victims of the sexual revolution and the claim-to-fame of the famous. Divorce and the family/children. The primary purpose of institutions is Darwinian in nature. Listen up - and get a hug coupon while you're at it. Details today.
Musical Selection: "Armenian Dance" by John Bilezikjian
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Bikes you need to check out
NPR - Study: Are cohabitating parents bad for kids?
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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Productivity and Vine-caretaking

Next Step #166: Exploring further the Mother of God as an expression of connecting to the TRUE vine - John 15 - Productivity by staying connected to the Vine and yielding the Fruit of Love (Finally! Grapeblessing explained). Armodoxy and St. Mary - Bringing women's issues in forum. Archbishop Barkev's Answer: A Koan from Karabakh? Four sisters, Marie, Lusaper, Srpuhi and Diruhi pointing to the Blessed Virgin.  The Institution and the Message - Insuring connections to the Vine.
Petros Malakyan taking Indiana students to Armenia:
Catholicos Karekin I's statement on women (1995, Beijing):
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Thursday, August 4, 2011

The Mother of Love: A Different Perspective

Next Step #165: In preparation of the feast of Assumption, Fr. Vazken takes a step toward understanding St. Mary as a model for saying yes to Love. This is more than the story of an angel visiting the Blessed Mother of God, it's about a visit we receive daily to become ambassadors of God's Love in the world. This is prelude to the feast - part one of two. Also - thoughts on self-worth and the plight of women in the world. St. Mary opens a discussion about women's issues that cannot be dismissed by the Christian.
Julia Roberts story
Join us for Prof. Petros Malakyan on the Epostle Ustream channel - August 10; 7:30PST
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