Thursday, February 3, 2011

Refusing Devolution

Next Step #139: From the Sunshine in California to the Snow storms back East, this episode is an offering of bi-polar reconciliations: Death & Life; Dark & Light; Good & Bad; Evolution & Devolution; Debutante Balls & Genocide in Darfur. Fr. Vazken outlines the direction of the In His Shoes Ministries on this banner year, 2011 as the darkness meets the light on Easter Sunday. No sunshine, gas or electricity needed – this topic will heat you up. The dog of Midwinter says Spring is around the corner. Making the Church the ACTIVE Body of Christ. Armenian Orthodox Church and the Armenian Protestant Church – what is the tie that bind them? You’ll be surprised!
Song: "Lezginka" Gagik Gasparyan (album: La Musica del Mundo en clarinete)
Ani's Bubbles: "Praying Hands"
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