Thursday, October 6, 2011

First Step for Technology & Armodoxy

Next Step #174: Steve Jobs' Passing. Fr. Vazken reflects on Jobs, the visionary and the pioneer, bringing together some personal reflections from the early days of Silicon Valley and implications of those reflections for Armodoxy. "We are HERE because of him," says Fr. Vazken. Each step matters - first steps lead to the next steps. Politics in the Armenian Church: Why are members of the Armenian Church feeling disenfranchised? Catholicos Aram I visits the Southland - the office and the person, the custom of "achahampouyr." The Armenian Church at the abortion clinic - priorities for the Armenian church - don't throw out the baby with the Bathwater! A poem by Lory Bedikian - "Self Portrait with Crane" from The Book of Lamenting - brings together this episode about church - state - diaspora realities. A must hear!
Music: Switched on Bach by Wendy Carlos on Moog Synthesizer
Ani's Bubbles: Abbey & Meridith.
Pomegranate & I blog: A Song, A Dance, and a Blessing
In His Shoes Mission in an Armenian Village - A miracle with music by Gor Mkhitarian:
Silicon Valley blog by Fr. Vazken
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