Thursday, March 29, 2012

Remember 'Current Events'? Did the Church forget?

Next Step #199: Revisiting the disenfranchised community (and we're NOT talking about those who don't attend church.) Targeting Armodoxy to the "three groups." The Church and its relevancy to the multitalented/multidimensional individual. HH Vazken I of Blessed Memory (1955-1994), guiding the Armenian Church from Cold War to Independence: the Working of the Holy Spirit; Remembering the "Thief on the Cross" and then remembering ourselves. The "Opportunity Clause" used by Christians to rationalize a loving and damning God. The Basis of the Second Coming of Christ - looking at the Bottom Line of the Christian Message. A quick look at newspapers and a prelude to the "Virtual Armenia."
Song: "Nayatz Sirov" by the Seminarians of the Vazkenian Seminary, Lake Sevan, Armenia 
Daily messages for Holy Week:
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Fr. Vazken at the statue of HH Vazken I at the Seminary in his name, Lake Sevan, Armenia

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