Thursday, August 30, 2012

Before Any More is Hijacked

Next Step 221: Fundamentals of Christianity come out as we start sweating the large stuff. Following the hijacking of the Christian Church, is Orthodoxy up for a kidnapping? Misconceptions are keeping us from reaching our potential and finding Peace. Jesus and the Pussy Riots - it's about change, it's about revolution - turning over the tables of life. The Good Samaritan might have been a punk rocker or even a Turk - he was there to take us out of our comfort zone. Forget the words, listen to the concepts. Elections in the United States - what can we learn about politics and religion? What are the challenges for us today. Politics and Religion - let's talk. Put a bark into the bite so the caravan will stop and take notice of its flat tire.The Spanish Side of Aram Khatchadourian and the definition of identity.
Song - "Ayn Kisher" (Yev O Phe) by Element Band
Music - Spanish Guitar Music
Ani's Bubbles - "Juggling Life" -
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