Thursday, September 27, 2012

Privilege of the Cross

Next Step #225: Returning from the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer, after 39 miles, Fr. Vazken shares some solitary notes that point to the power of the cross. Reflections from the walk - the responsibility and privilege of Christianity. Church-business where "business" is not a dirty word. Thoughts on a pioneer: Fr. Vartan Kasparian retires, a priest and mentor to a generation. Looking back and moving forward: 30 year Anniversary of Fr. Vazken's Ordination - the thanksgiving of a priest and Winding up 24/7- not just on Sundays. A reading by Linda Zadoian.
Fr. Vartan Kasparian -
Ani's Bubbles: Breast Cancer Walk (2010)
Song: "Blue Moon" by Artash
Avon Breast Cancer Walk:
Team In Her Shoes
Video of 30th Anniversary:
Compass #7: The Story of Days We Used to Know; Now 29 Years Later

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