Thursday, October 18, 2012

Endings: Death and Defrockery

Next Step #228: Patriarch Torkom Manoogian passes; Guest Commentary by Dr. Harry Hagopian. Politics in the Church? Never more pronounced - While a priest who brings people to the Armenian Church is defrocked, another clergyman who preaches non-Orthodox theology is granted a churchman's award. Make sense? The balance has tipped, more people checking off "None." Can Love be Irrelevant? Or are we not presenting it properly? Follow up to Ani Bubles' wedding.
Song: "Armenian Medley" by Hosharian Bros. Band; "Electric Kef"
Reflections on Patriarch Abp. Torkom Manoogian "Brandy & Honey with Our Tea" by Dr. Harry Hagopian
Domestic Violence Walk:
Pew findings regarding "None" Religion
Sun Sash
Fr. Vazken's Blog

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