Thursday, October 3, 2013

Disappointment to Purpose

Next Step #278: The historic Bishop's Synod of the Armenian Church, took place behind closed doors as is the perogative of the overseers of the Church. Here's a follow-up to last weeks' look at the Synod, filled with frustrations for us looking-in, but also a wonderful opportunity to look at the Sacred Mission entrusted to us. "Yelp" and the opportunity to use technology to go beyond those closed-doors. The 140 characters and the concise nature of the Gospels. Prayer request for Abp. Mesrob Mutafyan, Patriarch of Constantinople. And much more - as Fr. Vazken takes a next step...
Vardan Ovsepian "Hymn" from Aragast album
Etchmiadzin on the Bishop's Synod
SunSash -
Yelp -
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